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Nuovo Award für „The Space Between“

Christoph Frey_Preis_2020_01

The Space Between

Christoph Frey, Student des Masterstudienganges Zeitbasierte Medien, hat mit seinem Art House-Videospiel „The Space Between“ den Nuovo Award des Independent Games Festivals gewonnen, ein Award für die Auslotung und Ausweitung der Grenzen des Mediums.

Wir freuen uns für ihn und gratulieren ganz herzlich!

The Space Between by Christoph Frey is a surreal short narrative experience in three acts about the walls we build for us. The architect Martin Melanson, commissioned to build a theater, meets a woman named Clara, outside of his apartment complex at night. Attracted to each other, they visit the theater’s building site. While they explore the unfinished stage, surrounded by scaffolds and lost in thoughts, reality slowly fades, where the curtain opens and a dark play about closeness and separation begins.

The game’s drawn-out, static nature, embedded in blurred PS1 visuals, supports its surreal plot and dialogues to create a dreamlike 40 – 50 minute experience, that should be played in one sitting.

Part 1:…/
Part 2:…/
Part 3…/

Independent Games Festival – Winners 2020

Artikel in WIRED über das Spiel „The Space Between“ von Christoph Frey.

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