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The time-based Media department invites you to the opening of RETIME event series starting on the 6th of May 2022

After several online semesters, the event series aims to encourage students to network with each other to create new artworks that will be presented to a broader audience. Each month there will be one event focussing on a particular topic that interplays with ‘diversity’.

Within the first RETIME event, we intend to open the event series with three external guests that will perform their research subjects in a rethought media. Each guest will cover one topic of the following events: language fluidity, human/ non-human, and thinking queer. 

The primary purpose of the events is to rethink (the content and forms of) media and hegemonial structures to create collaborative works between students (and local associations) and evaluate diversity in art and politics of culture. The events are intended to take place at the Kunst University of Linz and in alternative locations in the city.

All Are Welcome!
Zeitbasierte Medien Department

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