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Christa Amadea – Einführung Fotolabor & Studio

Christa Geiselhofer MA

Kunstuniversität Linz
Lektorin: Fototgrafie, Fotostudio, Dunkelkammer


  • EXTRA * FLASH * Regarding Space – SEARCHING FOR VIOLET (Workshop)Photographic experience with a portable flash equipment. How does the violet lightwave
    structure influence the level of day light? How much is the artificial light influencing the
    composition in the room.Learning through the process and working with a portable flash equipment.
    Within consideration of the media photography and analyses the technical basics. In
    combination of this assignments like aperture, shutter, lens etc.
    The light arrangement with a portable situation and the multiply variety in combination of
    using different media.This project can and should give a purpose and space for reinventing artistic processes of
    its own and the personal view.Bring your violet´s!

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